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Pura Luxe Amino acid vs keratin treatments:

How does a Pura Luxe Amino Acid Treatment work? The presence of amino acids in this smoothing treatment will create Keratin rich hair making it smooth, strong, shiny, and healthy which improves the condition of the hair with prolonged use. The Keratin protein is just one small part of the 18 amino acids which make up the actual hair structure. Cysteine, a nonessential amino acid, is the active ingredient that allows the Pura Luxe treatment to leave hair strong, shiny, and smooth. It is considered to be safer alternative to traditional Keratin treatments.

How does a Keratin Treatment work? In order for the Keratin in a Keratin treatment to adhere to the hair and make it smooth, it needs some form of formaldehyde. When this active ingredient / preservative is combined with the high flat iron heat, a chemical reaction is formed and there is a release of toxic carcinogenic fumes. This reaction can also lead to hair breakage with prolonged use.


Pura Luxe is a natural, formaldehyde and sulfate free formulation, that will reduce/eliminate frizz, and/or deliver straighter, smoother, stronger, shinier worry free hair. (SEE INGREDIENTS)

YES, our Protein treatment will straighten wavy, curly and kinky hair, remove the frizz and leave the hair smooth, soft and shiny.

YES, our Protein treatment is formulated for ALL TYPES OF HAIR including African-American and other Ethnic Hair Types.

YES, one of the great benefits of our Non Toxic System is that it can be customized. You can do one type treatment on a portion of the head and then do another type on the damaged ends.

YES, you can do our treatment, HOWEVER, we recommend that the stylist add Pura Luxe Purple Gloss to the treatment mix and make sure to use a lower heat on the flat iron in order to minimize any color shift. Any yellowish tint that may remain will rinse out after 10 hair washes.

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Neil Jennings - Customer
"I have been using Pura Luxe hair care products in my salon for the past year and my clients have been loving the results! The shampoo and conditioner leave hair feeling clean and healthy, and the styling products provide great hold without weighing down the hair. I especially love the leave-in treatment for providing extra moisture and shine. Highly recommend!”
Laurence Garrett - Customer
"Pura Luxe has quickly become a favorite among my stylist colleagues and clients alike. The products have a luxurious scent and leave hair looking and feeling amazing. I've noticed a significant improvement in the health and strength of my clients' hair since incorporating these products into their hair care routine. Highly recommend giving them a try!"
Kellie Harrison - Customer
"As a professional hair stylist, I am always on the lookout for high-quality hair care products that provide great results. Pura Luxe fits the bill perfectly! Their shampoo and conditioner leave hair feeling clean and nourished, and the styling products provide long-lasting hold without any unwanted buildup. I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking to take their hair care routine to the next level."
Joan Cooper - Customer
"I have been blown away by the quality of Pura Luxe hair care products! As a stylist, I appreciate the attention to detail and the use of high-quality ingredients in their formulas. My clients have been thrilled with the results and constantly compliment the way their hair looks and feels after using these products. Highly recommend giving them a try!"
Beth Ball - Customer
"Pura Luxe hair care products are a game-changer for both myself as a stylist and for my clients. The shampoo and conditioner leave hair feeling clean and refreshed, and the styling products provide the perfect amount of hold without weighing hair down. I love the way these products make my clients' hair look and feel, and I highly recommend giving them a try!"